South Africa Sports Betting

When anyone ever mentions ‘South Africa Sports Betting’ the first thought that pops into your head is Cricket, match fixing and ‘Hansie Cronje’. What a great shame that such illegalities had to darken sport bettingthe South Africa’s Sports Betting’s good name. Fortunately  sports betting is legal in South Africa, and even though the bookmakers got charged with criminal offences and blacklisted from the betting trade, South Africa Sports Betting is still a highly lucrative market and very popular.
Horse Racing, cricket, soccer, rugby and golf are only a few popular sports played in South Africa and some of the most popular sports events bet upon.

South African’s love betting on their favourite sports teams whether it’s just amongst themselves, their circle of friends or family, work colleagues, betting at the actual sports event or online betting, sports betting in South Africa will always remain extremely popular and high. Most South Africans are known to support South African sports unconditionally at great expense, so do South Africans show their support and pride of their favourite team, by placing a bet on them.

Soccer has become more and more popular in sports betting, and so has horse racing become even more popular just based on the amount of Tabs opening throughout South Africa and seems to be continuously busy even though sports betting has become available online and legal, many still prefer the option of betting at their local tab.

Cricket attracts many sports betting in South Africa, and holds the advantage of still being able to place your bets while the game is being played due to cricket games being played over long periods of time such as a day or several days.

A lot of South African rugby supporters cannot always get to the stadium to watch the games live hence a lot of them go to their nearest pub to watch the game on a big screen. Sports betting even take place in pubs where each will predict the winning scores and bet money on it, and the person with the closest prediction to the final score gets the jackpot.

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