Someone Is Always Watching

Closed circuit television or CCTV as it is better known is a closed circuit system that allows you to monitor and record to video  people or property captured by the CCTV cameras but this system cannot broadcast over a live media steam as the name implies it is a closed circuit. First used as a security measure in banks, casinos and shopping centre and parking lots it has become a big part of security today almost anywhere you go shops, clothing stores, petrol stations, parking garages even in your own home or office.

No matter where they need to be installed there is a CCTV system for you.
When installing your closed circuit television system there are a few things to consider:

1. The type of cameras you will need this will depend on your environment, you may choose a  high resolution camera which is the most popular and provides the best picture or a low light camera ideal for a environment with poor or low light, vandal proof cameras are perfect for homes, parking lots, storage units and in the office.
2. How many security cameras will be needed to provide sufficient coverage
3. Where to place the security cameras is crucial.
4. How many monitors you will need for the number of cameras you have.
The use of a closed circuit television system has given a whole new meaning to the phrase “caught in the act”.  In 2008 an attempt to combat the high crime rate in Johannesburg Gauteng saw every street corner in the CBD  fitted with a high tech surveillance camera viewed and regulated from a control room in so doing, robberies decreased by 63%, shoplifting decreased by 50%, vandalism to property decreased by 78% and the all around crime rate decreased on average by a massive 48 %, considering this it is no wonder that so many other cities and town followed in Johannesburg’s footsteps by installing security cameras on all main street corners making it so much more difficult for criminals to conduct their criminal activities without being caught on camera.

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