Soccer In South Africa

Since the birth of Soccer in South Africa while apartheid still dominated organised soccer, separate racial associations/groups were formed. Soccer was split into the all-white (formed in 1892), Indian (formed in 1903), Coloured (formed in 1933) and Buntu (formed in 1936) football associations.

The all-white football association where admitted to FIFA (The Football Association) in 1958, but received a warning to submit to the non-discriminatory regulations of FIFA or be expelled in August 1960, and on 26 September 1961 the all-white football association was formally suspended from FIFA and two years later in 1963 lifted to enable FIFA to investigate football in the country. But in the year 1964 they were formally suspended yet again and expelled from FIFA in 1976 after the Soweto uprising.

Once Multi-racial Soccer clubs where formed in South Africa by the year 1991, they were allowed to enter qualifying World Cup events. South Africa eventually got to play their first national soccer game in 1992 when they beat Cameroon at Kings Park Stadium, Durban.   
The National soccer team in South Africa entered the qualifying 1994 Africa Cup of Nations event, but failed. They also entered the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in the year 1994 as well as in the year 1998 and in 2002, but could not get past the group stage.
The National Soccer Team in South Africa did manage however to win the Africa Cup of Nations on their home grounds in 1996.

History seemed to repeat itself when it came to the National Soccer team in South Africa as they could not pass the qualifying group stage for the Africa Cup of Nations in the year 2004 as well as 2006. They did not give up hope however, and when Carlos Alberto Parreira was appointed as their coach as at 1 January 2007 to end 2010 they were overjoyed and filled with renewed hope. Sadly Carlos had to resign in April 2008 due to personal family reasons, and Joel Santana filled his shoes and accepted the position, only until late 2009 when he was fired. Carlos Alberto Parreira returned as coach thereafter.

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