Soccer Betting

Whether you choose to call it soccer or football it is easily the world’s largest and most popular sport by a long way.  Naturally it comes as no surprise that soccer is then also the sport most betted on the world over.  South Africa is no exception to this.  While there are endless online gambling and bookmaker websites internationally and several in South Africa, a distinction is made between those that are casinos and those betting exclusively on sports.  Of all the major sporting bookies, soccer features prominently above almost all other sports.  Even though South Africa is better known for its rugby and cricket abilities, soccer betting is as big here as anywhere else.
Before the internet, soccer received limited betting as horseracing was the traditional gambling sport.  Additionally, soccer wasn’t televised greatly in apartheid-era South Africa and in more recent years, sports that are broadcast to public viewers have proven to be more popular for betting.  This is obviously as the individual who has placed a bet is able to watch the game in progress and know how his or her bet is about to fare.  Live in-play betting also allows a person to make a bet while the game is in progress.  With most the black population group of South Africa favouring soccer over other sports this has led to a dramatic increase in the organization of the game.  This has resulted in the establishment of the Premier Soccer League or PSL and many domestic as well as international games being broadcast on tv in South Africa.  Even foreign leagues such as the English Premier League are screened in this country as soccer fans choose a given team to follow.
Soccer betting in South Africa is no doubt done informally and at betting centers as much as it is done over the internet.  The strong soccer culture of South Africa fuels an excited interest in televised games where those placing the bets may do so out of patriotism or loyalty to their team rather than for the goal of making money.  As Soccer betting is especially large worldwide, South African bookmakers have been quick to offer the wide variety of betting options that originated overseas.  Some of these are betting on who is winning by half time or 45 minutes, which side is first to score a goal, which side is first to receive a penalty and even who is first to receive an injury.  Many of these betting options may seem extravagant over the simple betting on who will win which is the most traditional form of bet.  The varied betting options however are constantly being used by soccer or football enthusiasts to enrich the spectator sense of the game while they watch the action live.

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