Soccer Betting South Africa

Soccer is by far the most played sport in South Africa, so it comes as no surprise that the soccer betting industry is thriving. The betting side of soccer if has gone on irrespective of the law of the land. This is because most soccer in South Africa is played in the townships and the police often turned a blind eye to what was happening there.

At most club matches you would be able to find someone in the stands, or on the side line, ready to take a bet. This may seem very informal, and possibly disorganised, but it is not. These bookmaking operations are run with business like precision, with odds reflecting current and past form. Now that gambling is allowed in South Africa, you can bet on any of your favourite PSL teams online.

However, most of the money that changes hands on the South African soccer betting scene involves foreign teams. The British Premiership has a huge following over here and all of our major online betting companies offer awesome facilities to accommodate South African punters. More recently, due to the online betting phenomenon, South African soccer fans have discovered South American soccer, as well as the Spanish and Italian leagues.

football  bettingAs soccer stats betting increases in popularity in South Africa, the amount of money in circulation, in the sport, also increases and this is a double edged sword. On the one hand is means more money for clubs, hence, higher salaries for players, better kit and training facilities and improved development within the sport.

All this money does come with its own price, corruption. We have been very fortunate in South Africa that our soccer betting industry has not experienced too much scandal and upheaval. Obviously we have not managed to remain completely without blemish, but compared to equally rich foreign leagues, our governing officials are doing a very good job. However, we shall need to put much more strict checks and balances in place before the soccer betting industry grows even bigger

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