Psychology Behind Playing The Lotto

Many people that play the Lotto every week become hooked on the small possibility that they may win. Irrespective of how many times they lose their money, they keep coming back for more. The truth of the matter is that there is a huge possibility that most people will waste money on playing the Lotto for the rest of their lives without winning at all. This article will take a closer look at the reasons that people give as to why they keep playing each week:

• “It’s fun and exciting”: The amount of money that you spend playing the Lotto every week adds up to a huge amount every year. Work it out to see how much money you are really paying for that one little moment of fun and excitement. Money would be a lot better spent if you invested it or started your own business with it. Both these options may also result in huge pay-outs.
• “There has to be a winner”: Yes, there has to be a winner but the chances of you being that winner is approximately 1:14,000,000. This is not very good odds.
• “I deserve to spoil myself with this treat”: Many Lotto players look at playing the Lotto as treating or spoiling themselves to a bit of fun. However, this mind-set is completely conditioned and irrational. There are many other “treats” that your money would be better spent on. You can treat yourself by giving the money to a charity or putting it in a savings account for a vacation for example.

Either way, there is no rational reason for playing the Lotto week after week. Even if you managed to win a smaller sum of money every once in a while, you would still be at a loss if you compared these winning to the total sum of money spent on playing the Lotto every week. There are a lot of other more sensible options available that will offer you more enjoyment and return on your monetary investment.

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