Pick your Powerball

Just like the National lottery, Powerball which still forms a part of the lottery is a game of chance and is more so than the lottery as you are only allowed to play one board which is five numbers as well as one Powerball number, the payout for the Powerball every week is considerably higher than that of the regular lotto or lotto plus due to the fact that you have only have one chance to get it right every single week. Every week, twice a week on a Tuesday and a Friday thousands of South Africans tune into the live lotto draw to see if their Powerball play will be the winning play thus changing their lives for the better in most cases.

What would you do if you were to win the Powerball? This is question that gets thrown around consistently amongst many South Africans and this a question most people ten answer with ‘go on holiday’, but in actual fact no one really knows until you are one of those fortunate people in the world who is lucky enough to win the million. Most people would like to pay off their debt and then built their dream house, buy a brand new car, invest some and then go on holiday. This is probably the most sensible way to go but one can plan and work out but when the money is in your bank account it is a completely different story, either you will be too scared to spend any of it or you will blow it all.

It is true that this all dreaming but that is what life is made of and the lotto, lotto plus and Powerball give us the opportunity to dream and maybe one day live those dreams, playing the right numbers is not possible it is literally a game of chance, out of the numbers you can choose from you can only choose six and unlike the lotto you can only play one board twice a week. This begs the question, will you take the chance and will it be your turn to be a millionaire?

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