Philosophical Advice For Winning Lotto Results

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for the few that have already won their share of millions.  Most people call it pure luck, while some tend to think that some sort of supernatural power was used by the winner. Yes, it does sound ridiculous but some people really do believe that there are ways to beat the system or crack the code, so to speak.
In a nutshell; you attract whatever you think and say. If you strongly want to become a millionaire through winning the lottery, the results are determined by you. As crazy as this may sound the law of attraction is the most effective tool one can use. However it needs full commitment, belief, mind training and faith.
Gurus of mental manipulation and higher forms of meditation believe that whatever you think, will manifest into your life. Think about yourself winning the lottery, this is a profound mind training technique. The thought of you winning will gradually sink into your mind attracting the right energy.
From thought comes visualizing which has a strong impact on the mind. So you should begin by picturing the results as well as yourself as the winner literally spending the money. This creates a realistic environment in your mind, psychologically stimulating you to believe it. Followed by constant positive thinking, you need to discipline and train your mind to focus on your main goal and eradicate as many negative thoughts and doubts as possible. Yes this doesn’t happen overnight; it needs patience, dedication and most importantly faith.
Lastly, actions would be getting up with the aim of working towards obtaining your goal. In this sense it would be purchasing the lottery ticket. That is quite obvious. We all have these little fantasies and daydreams of wealth and excess of everything we could possibly want and need but we hesitate to make the first step. Think it, speak it, see it, do it and feel it. The mind is a powerful tool; what it thinks is said to actually manifest. Maybe you could really turn your luck around with this…

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