Pensioner Gets Scammed And Loses Thousands

Fraud is nothing new in South Africa and although many people are aware of the hundreds of scams out there, you do get the few naïve ones that still fall into the trap of scammers.  The Hawks have recently arrested two foreign nationals in Kempton Park, Johannesburg for scamming a pensioner out of her money.

The two men allegedly told the 61-year old woman that she was the lucky winner of the SA lottery and that she had won an amount of R57.4 million.  The woman is a pensioner from the Eastern Cape and travelled all the way to Johannesburg to meet with the lottery fraudsters.  The woman’s family warned her against meeting with the men and said to her that they believed the whole thing was a scam.  She refused to believe them however and one of the concerned family members then alerted the Hawks about the meeting that was due to take place between the woman and the scammers.

The woman was instructed by one of the alleged lottery fraudsters to pay an amount of R57 000 over to them in order to get a greater tax discount on her lotto jackpot earnings.  She had already paid an amount of R8350 into one of the men’s bank accounts as well, before travelling to Johannesburg.  She met with the fraudsters in a Johannesburg hotel and her daughter went into a hotel room with her.  The two men showed them bundles of cash in a safe in order to assure them that their story was valid.  However, Mcintosh Polela from the Hawks confirmed that the bundles actually consisted of blank pieces of paper covered by R100 banknotes.

Members of the Hawks were waiting at the hotel for the meeting to take place between the fraudsters and the pensioner.  They then arrested one of the men in the hotel room where the meeting took place and caught up with the other man in the reception area of the hotel.  Both men have been charged with fraud and they are due to appear in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

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