Most Commonly Drawn Lotto Numbers

Many Lotto Numbers are drawn numerous amounts of time, especially when the lottery happens at least once or twice a week. The sequence of lotto numbers is not always the same and varies each time there’s a lotto draw, but many times it happens that some numbers do appear each week. Knowing what numbers are drawn most frequently, can result in players picking those numbers or using them more in their lotto number strategy or number picking method. It isn’t always wise to use the most frequently drawn numbers, as they may not always continue to come up in draws.


Numbers with highest frequencies:
30, 42, 54 —-drawn 29 times
19, 43 ——— 28 times
2 —————- 27 times
26, 35 ———-26 times


Those with lowest frequencies are:
33 —————-drawn 12 times
25, 29 ————13 times
17 —————–14 times
6,11, 20, 31 —–15 times

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