Mandela Centre Supported By Lotto Money

The plan to refurbish the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory in Johannesburg has been given a huge boost by the National Lotteries Board.  The centre is meant to be opened up to the citizens of South Africa by mid-2013 and the Lottery Board has pledged an amount of R11.8m to help build up the centre and to refurbish it.

The chairman of the National Lottery Board, Alfred Nevhutanda,  is proud to be associated with such a project and said that this contribution of money would help prolong and strengthen the Mandela legacy.  This is combined with the celebration of the month of July  which has been dubbed Mandela Month as the ex-president’s birthday falls on the 18th of July.

He said that is it most important that people realise that Mandela’s legacy and memory is significant to all South Africans and by participating in the National Lottery, citizens can also help to contribute to this centre. Nevhutanda also stated that he and the National Lottery Board want to continue supporting projects that would lead the way into the future, just as Nelson Mandela’s legacy is doing for SA.

The Nelson Mandela Centre is situated in Houghton, Johannesburg and was the site of Nelson Mandela’s work after he stepped down as president of South Africa.  When he became retired back in 2004, the centre was transformed into what is called a dialogue and archival centre.Going by the name of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, this building will be open to the public of SA by the middle of next year.  The centre will proudly display a permanent exhibition to be enjoyed by all South Africans.

Nelson Mandela has made a difference in many people’s lives since becoming president in 1994 and he is continuing this good work through the legacy he has left.  Achmat Dangor, the CEO of the Nelson Mandela centre, has said that he feels the money from the National Lotteries Board will enable them to keep the young people of South Africa informed about this legacy and life and times of Nelson Mandela.

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