Lotto Results For Winners

Once in a long while and maybe for one time only, a person will sit anxiously in front of the television shortly before half past nine on a boring Wednesday waiting the live Lotto draw to begin. You see, this person hardly ever plays the Lotto so when they do, its a big occasion; maybe they had a vivid dream about a series of 6 numbers all less than 49 in value or they just woke up feeling lucky or just happened to have spare change and a few minutes to spend at the Lotto kiosk. They can’t wait for the draw to start and kickstart their new life of wealth, luxury and pampering. The draw starts and tegether man in a dark suit and beautiful lady in the glittering evening dress announce the six winning Lotto numbers. One by one as they announce the numbers, the smile on the player’s face gets bigger and bigger until eventually they cannot contain the excitement and they jump up and down screaming for joy.

Nothing says ‘winner’ louder than seemingly non-stop shouts of joy and vigorous jumping with a few scattered teardrops. Winners of any amount less than two thousand rands my collect their winnings at their nearest Lotto kiosk. Small supermarket, petrol stations and tuck shops can afford to pay out such small amounts and claim them back from the national lottery cash supply.

Winners with claims over two thousand but less than fifty thousand rands may go a Post Office in their area for quick cash payout. A valid winning Lotto ticket has the owner’s name, address and identity number on the back. Anyone that wishes to claim at the post office must bring a valid winning Lotto ticket as well as identification documents that match the identity number at the back of the ticket.

For larger wins, claims must be submitted at the nearest national lottery office within a year of the draw. Winners will also receive some financial management information to help them manage their new-found wealth.

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