Lotto Results For South Africans

Lotto results for many South Africans is like news for so many elderly, lotto results make many people feel that they are part of something bigger and join South Africans twice a week to watch the lotto plus and live lotto draw shows on television, some having prayed the whole week others just crossing their fingers and hoping to become South Africa’s next millionaire and the higher the jackpot is the more intense their concentration becomes and for those ten minutes the country becomes silent and holds their breath that they are next to be ‘blessed’.

Most people are in the belief that playing the lotto is nothing like gambling as it costs so much less and if you are not lucky this week you can only try again next week no matter how many tickets you purchased to increase your chances to become rich. Lotto results for other non believing south Africans is just like another advert on TV, promising you the world and then letting you down after only ten minutes. In some cases you walk into a shop and see somebody who has nothing but a backpack on their back and you can see that they have to scrounge around and beg for food and money buying that one ticket that might be their chance out of their lifestyle.

This tends to make one feel sad to think that there are people who literally will stake their last rand on a lotto ticket whereas others spend thousands a month just to win something that could benefit others that do not have anything. The lotto results have become somewhat of a religion for many South Africans which is not always a healthy thing as it could interfere in many areas of one’s life. Not saying that it will but on a scale of one to ten, ten being a hundred percent I would say that there is at least a 40 percent chance that it could have an impact on one’s finances.

Lotto results for millions not only south Africans is something to look forward to and for that 10 minutes all their hopes and dreams are pinned on the lotto results, maybe just maybe it will be you tonight.

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