Lottery Results

Each week, when thousands of South Africans enter into the South African national lottery or Lotto, they eagerly await the live public lottery results show that is televised on Wednesday and Saturday nights. On these two days, the Lotto and Lotto Plus draws take place. Apart from television there are also places online to view the lottery, places like Lucky Numbers and many others. The results of the Lotto and Lotto Plus draws are released immediately after the draws. In fact, the winning numbers are released as the balls are drawn. If you missed the live draw, it is also possible to find the results in any newspaper, store that has a lottery terminal as well as on the internet.

It is very simple to enter the Lotto and Lotto Plus. Lottery terminals are located all across the country in large chain stores and even small businesses. This makes it easy for everyone to participate in the lottery. There is also an added quickpick feature to all terminals that will generate six random numbers for you.

The Lotto has the highest amount of entries and prize money but the Lotto Plus attracts more and more entries every week. The Lotto Plus is a great, affordable way to put your winning numbers to use. Every time you buy a Lotto ticket for R5.00, you are given the option to enter those same numbers in the Lotto Plus draw. The Lotto Plus draw takes place right after the Lotto draw. For R1.50, you can then stand another chance to win. Since the entry fee into the Lotto Plus draw is less than that of the main Lotto draw, the jackpot and prize money is less.

Using a different machine and ball set combination each night, the lottery draws are presided over by an independent auditor and televised live to ensure that it remains fair and completely random at all times. Wits University in Gauteng has undertaken the regular testing of the Lottery machines and ball sets. They test the machines for any unexpected faults that may influence the randomness of the results and they ensure that all the balls in the same set are the same size, shape and weight.

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