Kingower, Victoria, Australia’s ‘Hand Of Faith’

Precious metals are one of the world’s biggest treasure and whether it be in Australia or the middle east, gold is one of the most valuable assets to have and can rank a country high in economic status. If there is enough gold found in the earth, the Hand of Faith, a fine quality gold nugget which was discovered by Kevin Hillier in Victoria, Australia, was discovered using a metal detector in September 1980. According to information, the nugget weighed 875 ounces. This nugget was found to lie only 12 inches below the surface.
The discovery of the nugget was only made at a press conference in October of that year in Melbourne, which was attended by the Premier of Victoria. Kovac’s Gems and Minerals was assigned the agent who would oversee the sale of the nugget. The gold was sold to a casino in Las Vegas known as the Golden Nugget Las Vegas. It is to this day still on display for the public to enjoy.
Initial reports reported incorrectly that the gold weighed only 720 ozt. The mistake was later revealed and correctly stated that the nugget only weighed 874.82 ozt. This initial mistake is credited to the many miss-publications of the nugget’s correct weight. Today the Hand of Faith is regarded as the largest nugget of gold found in modern day using a metal detector. The sale price of this nugget reached purported $1million dollars.
This nugget of gold is reported to be the second largest nugget to be found in the 20th century in Australia by making use of metal detectors. Discovering a gold nugget beneath the surface of the earth using a metal detector is what some might call pure luck, but for those that discover any precious metal this way is a huge accomplishment. Gold is mined so the chances of finding a gold nugget just lying beneath the earth are really a special event, for the individual as well as for the country where the nugget has been found.
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