Its My Party

Whatever occasion you are celebrating a baby shower, birthday party anniversary, pamper party or a bachelors’ party everybody loves a party.

When planning a party choose a theme as a focal point doing this will make it so much easier to plan the perfect party it is also important to pay attention to detail doing this you are sure to have a fantastic party, here are some themes to consider for boys and girls you can never go wrong with the following:

1. Barney theme.
2. Princess party theme – choose one or all Disney princesses for this theme, you may even ask the little girls to dress as their favorite princess.
3. Pirate theme – made popular by the film pirates of Caribbean.
4. Super hero theme – with so many super heroes’s to choose from, having the boys dress as their favorite super hero will be great fun.
5. Day at the zoo or better yet a night at the zoo Johannesburg zoo now offers a camping in the zoo experience that children will love.

Bare in mind your teenage son or daughter does not want you spying on them as this will embarrass them in front of his/her friends so try your best and limit your “check ins “ to three times, also don’t peep through the window someone will see you.
1. A day at Gold reef city – with all the adrenaline rush rides this is the perfect choice
2. Pool party – this option is great for just boys or just girls or a mix when going with this theme you can’t go wrong with having a braai.
3. Slumber party – renting a few DVD’s and ordering pizza is perfect for this party.

1. Pamper party – Think Champaign, cocktails, chocolates, manicures pedicures massages and facials sounds good doesn’t it.
2. Casino party – invest in a at home casino kit, buy each guest a cigar, make sure you have enough alcohol and your good to go.

These are only a few party ideas the list goes on and on remember the only limits are your imagination.

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