Insurance Against Improbable Outcomes

Insurance against the improbable is actually quite a common practice in many countries around the world. We all know that life, to a certain extent, is a gamble but we also do not always like or can afford the results of a gamble. For this there is insurance against the improbable and here are some fine examples of just that.

One of the biggest gambles in the world is pregnancy. Even in our modern technological world where we can do ultra-scans and determine all sorts of things, the actual act of pregnancy itself is a gamble. For this reason many couples take out insurance against falling pregnant with more than one baby at a time. The added pressure of feeding an extra mouth can be too much and insuring against it. One particular couple insured against having twins and ended up having twins.

They collected on the insurance. When it came time to fall pregnant again, they once again decided to insure against multiples and promptly fell pregnant with twins all over again, astronomical odds indeed! Even corporate sponsors and companies use insurance against long shots. If a long shot comes in, and there is always that chance then you need to be covered for it.
There are many instances of retail chains and companies using insurance against the improbable to back themselves up during certain outrageous promotions. A great example is a well – known jewellery store retail chain that offered a refund to all of its customers during a certain promotional period of over half a million in cash if there happened to be over four inches of snowfall on Christmas Day of a certain year.

Of course that year there happened to be nearly ten inches of snow fall, Murphy’s Law! So it was a good thing that the jewellery store retail chain decided to take out insurance against the improbable before making their outrageous promotion public. Another rather outrageous case or example of insurance against the improbable is a certain company that insured against two or more of their employees winning the national lottery and never returning to work, strange but true!

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