How To Play Lotto

More than a decade after the national lottery was launched in South Africa, there are many people that have still never played the Lotto. All of us dream of getting millions without doing much but placing a small bet. Some people are just too busy and they do not really understand how to play and how to claim if you happen to get lucky and win a big share if the millions. Below is a step by step guide for how to play the lottery at any Lotto kiosk.

  • Find a safe Lotto kiosk near where you live or work. There are many of them scattered around, just choose one that is in a safe neighbourhood.
  • At the kiosk you will find pile of pink and white Lotto slips. On each slip, there are six grids with numbers 1 to 49. You will need a pen to choose and mark the six numbers that you believe will bring those millions home. You need to apply slight pressure if you are using a pencil so that the selection is clear and the machine will be able to pick it up.
  • A single Lotto bet only costs a few rands and for less than two rands extra, players can add Lotto Plus to their betting spread. Lotto Plus is like a minor version of Lotto that can be added only if a player has placed a bet on Lottio first.
  • The next step is to pay the Lotto teller and wait for you Lotto ticket print-out. Its advisabel to check your print-out with your selection slip while you are at the kiosk so that you can fix an discrepancies immediately and before the draw.
  • Perhaps the most important step in playing the Lotto is the final one; checking to see if you are a winner. Some people buy the ticket and forget to check the live Lotto draw results. Even if they miss the draw on radio or television there are other ways to check the results but they never get around to it.

The odds of winning the lotto are actually rather astronomical at about 175,000,000 to one on average, this is huge and in fact whether it is Mega Millions or Powerball the results are more or less the same, in fact the odds of you getting struck by lightning while rolling a six with dice and simultaneously calling tails twice on a coin toss are far better than predicting the correct sequence of six numbers out of a possible forty nine.

There is a rather strange phenomenon that can be put down to human nature in some ways, when ever there is an economic recession it is a fact that lotto ticket sales will rise in proportion to the recession. This is completely counter intuitive and actually goes against logical thought patterns. It is also a known fact or trend that when ever the possible winning jackpot in either Mega Millions or Powerball increases then ticket sales also increase exponentially and proportionally to that difference. This in reality has the effect of increasing the winning prizes by proportionally decreasing the chances of winning it.

This can generally be anywhere from 15,000,000 to one up to approximately 170,000,000 to one odds of winning by correctly predicting the correct six numbers out of forty nine. Another very interesting and startling fact is that winning the lotto does not necessarily mean that you will be getting all of that money because generally the lotto winning is actually an option to be paid a certain sum annually until the full amount is reached or you are no longer abel to claim a yearly payment, if you want the lump sum it is generally averaged at about half the total. In certain countries winning lotto money is also taxable.

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