How To Get The Best Lotto Result For You

Thousands of people all over South Africa stand in long queues on a weekly basis to try and make their dream come true.  Their dream being one of the few millionaires in South Africa.  The national lottery or Lotto as it is best known, makes millions of rands on an annual basis straight from the pocket of people who stand in these queues.  Many articles and blogs have been written about ways and means to win the Lotto.  Many people believe that if they dream about numbers, they should play these very numbers in the next Lotto draw because they will be sure fire winners.  However there are some people who are more practical about it.

Many believe that playing Quick Pick is the best option as it is a random selection of numbers and the actual draw that takes place is also a random selection of numbers. There are quite a few winners that have come by their millions by playing the Quick Pick option.  A lot of people also find that choosing your own numbers work best, especially if you try a unique combination of numbers in several different lines or if you just randomly choose numbers in different lines.

Playing Lotto every week has become an institution for many.  Even though most people never win a single cent, they keep on playing in the hopes of becoming rich instantly.  If you want to win the Lotto millions, some of the best ways you are sure to win something, is if you keep on playing the same numbers week after week.  They are bound to come in at some point, right?  Another way of making sure you at least win something is to never play less than a hundred rand at a time.  You should also play Lotto plus, as it gives you a double chance of winning something.  You could also club together with a couple of friends and buy a couple hundred rand’s worth of Lotto tickets.  This increases your chances of winning by quite a few points! Remember that if you win, you have to share the profit!

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