How To Find Bookmakers In South Africa

Bookmaking is an art form some will tell you, especially those who come from older generations, people like your grandparents for instance may tell you something along those lines. That is because bookmakers, otherwise known simply as just bookies have not really changed that much in the long time that they have been in existence.

If you do not know how to find a bookmaker in South Africa then you really have not been around much or for very long. Bookmakers are most closely associated with another, time honoured sports betting tradition, namely horse racing. This is the sport that people will always think of first when thinking about bookmakers.  
Bookmakers, Then And Now

Bookmakers have come a long way from their more traditional role and place in society. Even though essentially the art of a bookmaker, or the skill sets associated with a bookmaker or bookie have not changed at all really it is actually the how that has changed.

In the time of your grandparents and their parents and even in fact, some of your parents’ times the way that someone placed sports bet, sometimes called a wager, was quite simple although it did require a bit more effort than it often does today.

In the past if you were interested in the local or national horse races or dog races you would generally either have to go to the actual track where the race was being run or to where ever your local tote or bookie happened to operate their business. It was also possible to place bets to your local bookie via a phone call, if you were lucky that day or that week then you would generally still have to go and collect your winnings in person.
Today it is much simpler, all you have to do now is subscribe to an online bookmaker, this goes for bookmakers in South Africa too. Today the website has replaced the actual bookie or tote as the place to make all your sports bets but the principle still works the same way, its just that the information and money is all dealt with electronically now.

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