How To Deal With Winning The Lottery

Create a blind trust with your attorney.
This will ensure you can collect your winnings without giving up your identity or privacy.

• Get a Financial Advisor
This will ensure you receive the best advice on what to do with your money. Weighing all the possible options will ensure your money is safe. You can even earn more money with good investments.

• Have a MINI Shopping Spree
Just do it. You need to get it out of your system. Calculate how much you can spend without making a huge dent in your winnings and enjoy. This doesn’t mean buying yourself a yacht or private jet! That’s how so many lottery winners end up right back where they started.

• Keep Your Job
If you enjoy it! If your job brings you misery, this is the best time to look for a new job or gain a new set of skills. Quitting your job and living off your lottery money is a bad idea, you never know what may happen. The money may seem endless now, but it may not always be that way.

• Confidentiality
Don’t get your picture taken in the paper. Don’t post it up on your Facebook status. This may seem obvious, but sometimes the excitement can be so overwhelming that people don’t think straight. Tell only those you trust to not leech off you or treat you differently.

• Invest
This is the best way to allow your money to make money. Contact a financial advisor and make a portfolio.

• Don’t Lose Your Head
Although you’re probably excited (possibly more excited than you’ve ever been in your life), think rationally and don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Contact professionals for advice and help you through this period. Winning the lottery can be an enormous change and impact your career, lifestyle and relationships, so ensure that you know how to deal with the good and bad.

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