How To Choose Power Ball Numbers

Power ball is an additional national lottery game that was introduced in South Africa in two thousand and nine and is a very exciting opportunity to extend your chances of winning the national lottery jackpot even more. The power ball aspect or segment of the national lottery is a bit different to the conventional or more traditional style of the national lottery that everyone is so familiar with.

To play national lottery power ball version you need a slightly different approach than you would employ when playing the standard version of the national lottery. This is simply because the power ball version of the national lottery is a separate game altogether with its own jackpot and its very own draw. You can play both if you want to as many people choose to do but just bear in mind that you will have to pay separately for both opportunities as well. Many people like to play both types of national lottery games because they believe that it gives them twice or more opportunities to win big jackpots.

With the traditional or conventional form of the national lottery a player is required to pick six numbers per panel and a panel typically features forty nine numbers, one through to forty nine. You have to then pick any six numbers from those forty nine numbers; they can be any that you like. You can also play up to six panels per sheet on the national lottery game. There is also two draws if you pay extra per ticket so effectively you have a second chance of winning.

With the power ball version of the lottery it is completely different, I the power ball version of the game you can only choose from forty five numbers on a single panel but this time around you pick only five numbers from that particular panel and then additionally you get to choose a single number which is known as the power ball number, this number is chosen from a group of twenty numbers and is a separate panel altogether. Visit

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