How Lotto Results Change Lives

A large majority of people know what the lottery is and a large number of them have also tried their luck by buying a ticket hoping that they have the lucky numbers. Consensus is that while millions of people play the lottery, only a small number of them actually win the lottery. This notion is put to question when one considers that since its inception by the South African government, the National Lottery has turned 1066 players into millionaires with the Lotto and Lotto Plus lottery draws. The more recently established Power Ball lottery draw has resulted in 48 millionaires. There are 356 504 638 contestants who have won some form of prize money with the various Lotto games and 384199 who have won prize money with the Power Ball in particular.

The lottery gives hope to people who have dreams of a better life where they are freed from their financial problems and are allowed to live the life they have always dreamed of. Accounts from lottery winners indicate how they were able to rid themselves of bankruptcy and help their failing businesses to prosper. One lottery winner indicated how he struggled to make a living and lived in a shack but since winning the lottery, he now lives in a mansion in an uptown neighbourhood. A young married couple paid off the bond on their home after many months of non-payment. This meant that they had to take up extra income jobs which meant they rarely saw each other and this, in turn, had a negative effect on their relationship. The husband won the lottery which allowed him to pay off all they owed on the house and he even took his wife on a second honeymoon to rekindle their romance.

One needs to be careful how one spends lottery winnings however because going from having little money to suddenly having an abundance of it can result in mismanagement of money; careless spending and getting involved in bad habits such as drugs. Keeping this in mind, winning the lottery can definitely change one’s life for the better.

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