Hotels Up And Down South Africa

The diversity of South Africa’s people and its natural environment is reflected in the sizes and styles of its architecture. This variety is also visible in the hotel industry.  From the small country style hotel perfect for family holidays, to the large formally styled venues where business people congregate for meetings and mergers.

Although the primary function of the hotel remains the supply of temporary accommodation, the industry has evolved to become much more. It has become an industry to provide services to the needs of its patrons beyond a bed and breakfast. Hotels in large cities, especially those that typically attract tourists, focus on providing services for that kind of patron. The concierge service desk would include the information of things to do, and places to visit that would interest all particular tastes.

Large conference venues will include hotel accommodation and services required for the attendees of the conference. People working the whole day, or listening to complicated presentations, are invariably in need of some after hours distractions. Hotel facilities that includes spa services or gym facilities will generally be a good choice in such cases. Of course, a restaurant or two that provide good food that caters for all tastes and special dietary requirements, will always be a winner.

The biggest of them all would be the hotel resort and casino. South Africa boasts a group of resort hotels that fall exactly in this category. The hotel resort caters to the needs of the entire family, and includes more adult entertainments in the form of gambling and shows. Resorts with enough space will include sporting venues such as tennis, squash, fully fitted gyms and golf courses.

Water sports are especially popular during the hot summer months. Motor boating, skiing, rowing and sail boarding are no longer sports for just the sea or large dams. Hotel venues with wave makers for surfing are just as popular as the white sandy beaches – at the in-land resorts. The ocean may not be the place to visit this summer, but the sea will never be too far if such facilities are available.

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