Horse Race Betting In South Africa

Horse racingOne might assume that with the large support basis and popularity, Horse Racing and Betting on horses is an exclusive event hosted only in South Africa since as early as the year 1797, but horse racing in actual fact is a worldwide sporting event held regularly and supported and loved by many. It has been reported that Poland hosted their first ever horse racing event in the year 1777, twenty years before South Africa. But neither Poland nor South Africa was the first to ever host an horse racing event, it has been recorded that Horse Racing existed as early as in 648 BC already in Egypt, Babylon as well as Syria where they raced horses by standing on chariots attached to the horses, better known as the ’Ancient Greek Olympics’

The Durban July Handicap, in South Africa, attracts thousands of Horse Racing Fans from all over the world and locally and is one of the biggest esteemed horse racing events. The event is televised on local South African television channels showing all and interviewing some of the rich and famous strutting their stuff in their uniquely designed colorful outfits looking almost just as breathtaking as the pedigree horses and the elegant jockeys running the race.

The Durban July Handicap Horse Race takes place at Greyville Racecourse in Durban and has been run since the year 1897. The Durban July is not the only major horse racing event in South Africa, The J&B Met hosted at the Kenilworth horse racing track in Cape Town as well as the Summer Cup hosted at the Turffontein Racecourse in Johannesburg are also major horse racing events in South Africa.

South Africa prides itself to have its own Durban July Winners (Colorado King, London news, Ipi Tombe) also winning international horse racing events.

Horse racing does not just revolve around the horse’s performance alone; while running its race; but on the jockey as well including many other factors.

Did you know that not all horse racing events and distances run, are the same as in South Africa. In actual fact they differ considerably from country to country.

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