Horse Betting In South Africa

While there is a large number of online betting and gambling websites based in South Africa, these can be further divided into specialized types.  Internet bookmakers usually cover a wide variety of sports to cater for the differing interests of the sports enthusiasts.  Typically soccer, rugby, golf and cricket are very generic and popular for online betting as these are televised events.  However, horseracing has always been the backbone of the bookies, both before and after the development of the internet.  South Africa features a few select websites that are reserved strictly for horse betting, while almost all the generic sites feature the sport as an option.
This comes as no surprise with horse racing so well established given the Jockey Club of South Africa was established as far back as 1882.  Major racing events include the Vodacom July, J & B Met and the Summer Cup, though betting on races takes place almost daily throughout the year.  The National Horse Racing Authority presides over all events though they are managed by companies owning the different circuits. The first recorded race took place in 1802 with betting totes following swiftly afterwards.  TAB – the official tote betting site of South Africa claims that over R50 million rand is paid out to winners every week, which shows just how big horse betting is!  In addition to TAB, South African Horseracing and Betting is another prominent website.  Gold Circle features online betting options and controls all racing activity in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.  Phumelela Gaming operates the betting in Gauteng, the Free State, Northern and Eastern Cape.  World Sports Betting features horse betting prominently while catering to a large number of other sports.
Matthew Stevens is known as The Whisperer, whose website offers advice and tips for horse betting. Overall, betting on horse races in South Africa is a very systematic and controlled activity due to the official tote body of TAB.  With all tracks officially managed no illegal racing takes place and the increased regulation means races take place frequently.  This can be appealing for those wishing to place bets on horse races as there is always an up and coming racing meet or event.

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