Handball Betting In USA

Handball is one of those peculiar sports that got its start informally on the streets of America, much like stickball is an informal ‘street’ version of baseball so handball is an informal version of squash or racquetball. There are many versions of the game of handball that date back centuries and is one of the most natural and simple of games, the game simply requires two players and a wall. Points are scored if the opponent is unable to return a hit.

Handball betting is very much like the game itself or other forms of betting that just started naturally such as darts betting or checkers or indeed even stickball, basically where ever the game was played it would draw a group of spectators and these spectators would eventually start to bet on who would win. Nothing could be simpler.

Handball And Handball Betting Today
Today things are a little different, handball is still played on the streets of every city in America but it has also gone global and digital. Much like there is a street version of baseball in stickball and there is a street version of basketball like one on one or variations of that so it is with handball.

Even though handball lives most of its existence on the streets it is undeniably a very entertaining game to watch, millions of people actually follow the game or variations of it all over the world, like I said, all you really need is two players and a wall.

Today major sporting networks such as ESPN will often cover major handball tournaments and it is these that are often the subject of some major handball betting. Handball betting can be and very often is as intense as any other highly competitive semi contact sport. Tempers flare as players lose and there by the bettors lose too. There are also moments of great joy and euphoria as an underdog or longshot makes it through, very often making someone with a great deal of faith a great deal of money.