Hair That Gets You What You Want

Women are famous for changing their hair – some women are even solidified in pop culture for the impact their hair had. Who can forget Marilyn Monroe’s bouncy platinum curls, Meg Ryan’s chic short style or Jennifer Aniston’s famous “Rachel” hairstyle? Anthropologists suggest that a woman’s hair can make her feel sexier, more confident and more powerful. Not only that, but thick, shiny hair can attract men, as they are hardwired to be attracted to signs of youth, such as luscious hair, rosy lips and a curvy body.

Studies show that the styles most men are attracted to are those which they can run their fingers through. If your hair is short, don’t stress – there are many men who like women with short hair. Men have almost unanimously chosen tousled “bedhead” hair over highly-styled hair, which is lucky for ladies as getting messy but sexy hair is much easier than a complicated up-do. After washing, run mousse through your hair and allow it to dry in large rollers. This ensures your sexy hair will turn heads wherever you go!

No matter the length or colour, there is one thing that celebrities hair always has in common: Its thick, shiny and always looks healthy. The easiest way for you to do that is to ensure you have regular trims to cut off any split ends – even the most expensive and expertly done highlights and hairstyles will look terrible with split, dry ends. Celebrities are not always winners in the genetic hair lottery though – many of them turn to weaves and extensions to get the full hair that genetics didn’t bless them with. Most women don’t have the time to keep up high maintenance hair extensions, but by blow drying your hair upside down and allowing it to finish drying in curlers will allow you to create the appearance of full, thick and shiny hair.

Just remember – hair grows back. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colours! You never know, an unexpected style or colour could look amazing on you! Visit Diva Divine hair for your next hairdo.

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