Guidelines And Advice For Picking Winning Lotto Numbers

There are many different strategies and tips available that advise players how to pick winning Lotto numbers. Saying that the odds of winning the Lotto are quite slim would be an understatement. Still, this doesn’t stop millions of hopefuls each week. Here are a few top pointers from the 7-time Lotto winner, Richard Lustig

1. Choose the numbers yourself: While Lotto players have the options of letting the Lotto machine pick their selection of numbers for them, Richard Lustig suggests that they don’t. He feels that you stand a much better of winning if you choose the numbers yourself.
2. Do not choose a past winning combination: Try not to choose a combination of numbers that have won the Lotto before. Before you play the Lotto, use the internet to make sure that your selection has never come up as the winning combination before.
3. Develop a strategy and keep to it: Once you choose a strategy you should keep to it. Changing your strategy every week will not help your chances of winning.
4. Don’t get caught up: Never spend more money that you budgeted for or can afford to when playing the Lotto irrespective of the jackpot on offer.

Another Lotto expert would be Cynthia Stafford who’s rags to riches story is inspiring to many people.  She won the $112,000,000 after playing a $2 Lotto ticket. In direct contradiction to Richard Lustig’s first piece of advice, she won this jackpot by letting the computer choose the numbers for her. The only option she chose herself was the exact amount she was going to win. Stafford has settled her debt, helped her family and gave a few donations to charity before setting up her very own production company.

It is important to note that the number of people playing the Lotto at any given time does not affect your chances of winning. Mathematicians also stated that whether or not you let the Lotto machine pick the numbers for you, your chances of winning will remain the same.

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