Fundraising Events Must Be Interesting And Fun

The Fund raisings that are created by organising events always have a history of being successful due to the fact that there is a coming together of people that have the same interest and those who are willing to try something new for example; sports is a fund raising event which is popular and it is mostly used for raising funds to fight serious diseases such as cancer they normally organise marathons and walks, they usually start at 5km, anyone interested can register and take part, this types of events are supported by communities and also by the media in form of advertising  .

Music is another effective way of having a fund raising events because there are many people in the world who love music, surely 98% of people feel like their world would collapse without music, so this gives a good opportunity to singers to raise funds by organising a music events, in order to enter people will be expected to buy tickets, and the money made out of tickets is also part of fund raising,  the singers may make posts of themselves and sell them to their fans; that money will also be part of fund raising. In this fund raising event they may feature a well known singer which will cause the event to have more audience, especially if it’s a fund raising for charity, singers can offer their support by singing for free.

Soccer is a sport that is loved by many people, it doesn’t depend in gender it brings people together, people buy tickets to go to stadiums to watch their favourite teams, and soccer is an interesting and fun way of raising funds. Many companies tend to sponsor this type of events, at the same time their company gets publicity which is a free advertisement; this way a company would have played part of its social responsibility and it is considered to be of high value in terms of reputation.

 Reputation can make or break a company because when a company does not take much of an interest in any charity events it may result in a bad publicity, but being socially responsible is the opposite.   

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