Formula 1 Betting

Formula 1 BettingIf you love car racing and sports betting then finding the right formula for winning sports betting systems is important. Formula 1 represents the top rung of automobile racing with the best drivers, support teams and vehicles. Indeed, the vehicles are expertly engineered, going as fast as 360 km per hour! All F1 activities during season (March-October) are regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Each year twenty-five car-drivers on thirteen different teams contend for coveted 1st place. Grand Prix are F1 car races set in different places. Unlike other racing that takes place on a track, Grand Prix happens on urban streets.

With over 600 million racing fans, it is no wonder that this sport has attracted a lot of attention amongst the gambling industry. Here are the basics when it comes to Formula 1 betting.

Qualifying wagers

Qualifying sessions usually take place the day before a race in which drivers compete for pole position. Pole position is the prime starting position at the front of the racing grid. In other words, a driver’s success during this round will determine his starting position. Qualifying bets can be based on qualifying times of various racers as well as pole position.

Individual winners

It is possible to bet on who will be the outright victor of the race. You can also bet that a particular driver WON’T win. Naturally, this tends to be a modest yielding bet as the accompanying odds tend to be quite low. You stand to win 80% less than when you back a potential winner.

A very popular bet amongst F1 punters is who will be the Top Scoring Constructor. A bet like this is dependent on the constructor that achieves the top score during a race.

Champions bets

Champions bets are basically futures wagers. In other words, bettors try and guess the overall winners for the World Drivers Championship. Like individual winners bets, you can also bet that a driver WON’T win. Because there is less risk involved, however, such a wager carries reduced odds, with they pay out being about 60% less than individual winners wagers.



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