Enjoy Your Next Holiday In The Eastern Cape

Very often one forgets how beautiful your own country is.  We are easily persuaded to vacation overseas and to spend a ton of money on the holiday as well. But we have such beautiful holiday places right here in South Africa!  One of the most beautiful provinces in the entire country is the Eastern Cape.  So if you are planning a holiday why not consider going to one of the many fantastic holiday places in the Eastern Cape?

There is Kenton On Sea, which lies between East London and Port Elizabeth.  Unspoiled beaches and blue skies await you in this little peace of heaven.  Should you feel for a night out on the town you could drive down to Port Elizabeth since it is just an hour’s drive away.  Port Elizabeth is the capital city of the Eastern Cape and here you will find many attractions to keep you busy while on holiday.  The Boardwalk is a casino/mall situated right in the centre of PE and almost right on the beach.  You will find all kinds of activities there such as games for the kids, gambling, shopping etc.   

The Eastern Cape is the hub of many social gatherings, so you will be sure to enjoy the company of celebrities once or twice while at a high class nightclub or charity event!  The air is also cleaner in the Eastern Cape especially around Kenton On Sea, which will help you to really recharge during your holiday and return home refreshed and a new person.   

There are also many museums and national wildlife parks in the Eastern Cape such as the Seaview Lion Park, Bayworld and Addo Elephant park.  Here you can enjoy nature at its finest!  Addo Elephant Park has some of the worlds oldest and most beautiful elephants.  Bayworld has an onsite museum of all kinds of oddities and also dinosaurs, as well as an aquarium which boasts dolphins, seals and penguins.  The Seaview Lion Park makes for an unforgettable experience as well considering you can play with the tiger and lion cubs while touring through the park!

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