Different Types Of Winning National Lottery Numbers

The national lottery has brought the South African public quite a number of legal and accessible betting options and most of them centre around the matching of numbers and the love of sport. The principle behind all the games of chance is that a player places a bet before the draw or match, they match the draw results or score to their ticket and if there is match, then they claim the winnings at the Lotto kiosk, Post Office or nearest national lottery office. Below are some examples of other games presented by the national lottery.

Lotto Plus

This is like a mini-version of Lotto and cannot be played independently. A person can decide to add this bet as an extra on a Lotto bet. The winnings are much less than in the main Lotto game but at least the player has a second chance at winning some money even if its not the big jackpot price. The winning numbers for Lotto Plus are chosen exactly the same way as the numbers for the Lotto game and there is no way to predict what the winning numbers will be.

Power Ball

This game is a relatively new addition to the national lottery’s betting spread. There a fewer numbers to choose from in the Power Ball game and in order to win, the most important number to match is the Power Ball. The Power Ball changes with every draw and without it, the player holds a losing ticket. The Power Ball, like other national lottery winning numbers, is produced by a random number generator.

Sports Stake

This is one game on the national lottery’s range of betting options that has nothing to do with numbers and a random number generator. This game is enjoyed by many soccer enthusiasts because it involves predicting the scores between local and international teams. Players believe that is a much more lucrative betting option because only a good knowledge of soccer and performance trends in the various leagues is required to make the most of Sports Stake.

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