Cycling Betting In South Africa

Cycling comes in many forms and in many guises. There are many different levels and disciplines that are associated with the rather general definition and label of cycling. When most people think of cycling they think of sportsmen in tiny shorts and funny helmets. This is road racing and is the oldest of modern day cycling disciplines.

There are a number of other types of cycling and the important thing to note here is that all of these official cycling disciplines can be bet on in cycling betting. Cycling betting is in deed the practice of betting on the outcome of races and making various predictions regarding individual cyclists as well as teams and stages.  

There are a number of different stages that all major cycling races are divided up into, this is because many of todays best and most well known cycling races are in fact actually called tours as in Tour de France, the Gyro de Italia and the tour of Spain to name a mere three in Europe alone. Now in cycling betting the interesting thing is the degree in which you can bet, every racer, every stage and every team are a possible betting opportunity.
Betting On The Great Cycling Events

The great cycling tours are what attract the most attention and capture the imagination of followers all around the world. The most famous modern day hero of conventional cycling is withoput a doubt Lance Armstrong who has won the Tour de France more than anyone in the history of the tour.

It is factors like that that make cycling betting so exciting. You could bet on whether or not you think that a super athlete like Lance Armstrong could win another tour but even better you can bet on whether a certain cyclist known for a certain race stage will indeed win that particular stage. You could bet on he times that a cyclist will produce and so on.  

The possibilities are in deed endless. There are other types of cycling as well, equally exciting in fact. Mountain biking is the other really big cycling attraction and sports it very own set of heroes and events and factors worth betting on.

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