Checking The Results Of The Lottery

The results of the lottery can be of great excitement to many people whether they win the million or whether they win R100, any amount of extra money nowadays is a bonus especially with prices sky rocketing while our salaries remain the same. Many people are always looking for easier ways to make a quick buck if it means buying a R2.50 lottery ticket, if it means that they can be a hundred rand richer this is enough for them which I suppose is the healthy way of looking at playing the lottery provided you win something otherwise it becomes like smoking money for nothing.

The results of the lottery can change your life for the better but can also be a great disappointment to many who place their hope in 6 lucky numbers that may or may not afford them a life of luxury or for many it is the opportunity to send the child college or buy a new car, whatever the reasons are people remain hopeful that their ship might one day come in carrying with it all the solutions to lifes problems. The reality is that 1 out of three 3 people’s dreams may never come true and that is a sad reality to face for many so they continue to put their hope in those 6 numbers.

Hope is something that keeps people going and in a way the lottery does the same the results of the lottery give people hope that the next time it may be their chance. We unfortunately live in a society where money controls everything and divides people into groups that will never mingle with each other but leaves the lesser society dreaming and hoping to one day become part of that crowd. In a way for some that is it will motivate them to work harder and study harder to get there, for some it motivate4s them to walk to a shop and their rand or two for a lotto ticket and then sit in front of the TV to watch the lottery results.

The results of the lottery remain one of South Africans most popular TV shows and have many a South African glued to their seats.

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