Charities Suffer Due To Lack Of Lotto Funding

There are about 1000 charity organisations in South Africa that are in a real struggle due to non-payment from the National Lotteries Board. Sincerequests have to be put in by the various charities, the Board has to approve the requests first and then allocate an amount of money to them. It seemsthat the amount of requests from charities has grown so much that the National Lotteries Board cannot keep up with the granting of funds and is nowsitting with a backlog.

This delay in the paying over of funds have put several of these charity organisations in big trouble. These organisations include SANCB (South AfricanNational Council for the Blind) and Childline.The CEO of Childline, Joan Naicker, has opened up about the centre’s financial struggles, saying that some of the organisation’s centres have had to cutsome of their programmes as they simply couldn’t afford to continue with them.

Apparently the National Lotteries Board has refrained from inviting many of Childline’s offices to apply for funding which means that they have beenwithout funding for over 18 months. Naicker says that she would appreciate it very much if the Board could start an application process for charities toapply for funding.She also said that most of the services and programmes that have been offered at their branch in the North West had to be cancelled due to lack of money.This is a huge problem as the North West has the least resources as it is.

Jace Nair, the CEO of SANCB, has literally begged the Lotteries Board to allow more applications, because their organisation would simply not be able tocarry on without funding. He has also emphatically stated that their costs have been dramatically cut, but there’s nothing more they can do withoutfunding from the Board.

Sershan Naidoo from the National Lotteries Board said that they would love to be able to assist everyone as requested, but the amount of requests fromall the various charities are apparently far exceeding their budget. He did also say that they would start requesting applications again once they havebeen able to work through the current backlog.

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