Casino Online South Africa

Even though hosting or betting on a casino, online in South Africa is punishable by law, the business is still continuing, and only caused a drastic increase in illegal activities such as ‘fake’ online lotteries and online Casinos in South Africa hosted by numerous gangs, taking innocent South Africans for a ride and scam them out of their hard earned money.  
The law of banning all online casinos and games in South Africa has only opened unlimited doors to criminal organisations and left people in South Africa exposed to falling victim to crime.

Have you been exposed to a scam via a casino, online in South Africa? Are you aware that by using a casino online is illegal in South Africa, yet, you still continued to gamble online? Do you know that by using a casino, online service in South Africa you can get up to10 years prison sentence? And are you aware that by playing these online casino games you are committing a crime equal to the crime the website owner/host is committing. It is pretty simple, for example, whether you are stealing the actual item, or just making use of the stolen item while knowing it has been stolen, they are both equal crimes.

Surely, everyone in South Africa who loves to gamble know the online casino laws which makes it very obvious that many if not the majority of such online services provided in South Africa are all hosted by criminals and you are exposing yourself to be caught in a scam, or even worse, for them to clean your bank accounts out totally. You cannot run to the police for assistance then, as you yourself where taking part in a criminal activity.
Lottery and Powerball have never been available online to bet on in South Africa, and even though the criminals use fancy impressive words and labels and advertise their legality, instead of falling prey, rather contact the authorities straight away to take immediate action before someone else falls prey and loses their life long savings.

Moral of the story, take care and do stay safe.

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