Carpets, Carpets, Carpets

When faced with renovation and décor options for the home, carpets are certainly worth considering. Carpets ooze elegance and warmth and that is why they are recommended for large, intimidating rooms. People can choose from different types of carpets in various styles and designs. They come in a range of bright and bold colours as well as subtle natural tones. They can also be a hive of activity with busy designs in interesting materials. Carpets can be fitted so they remain in place for a long time but loose fitting rugs are also quite popular. Rugs add an interesting flavour to any floor.

Types of carpets include woven carpets which are made using an intricate weaving process and it takes a long time to finish making a carpet or floor rug. The material can be woven in many different styles like plain weave and tapestry weave. Woven carpets are really a special treat for carpet lovers because they are very expensive. Needlefelt carpets are strong and durable. They consist of synthetic fibres mingled together using needles. These carpets are an excellent choice for hotels, casinos, offices or any other place that has high volumes of foot traffic. Needlefelt carpets are also quite easy to maintain. Some carpets are knotted by hand. These are knotted carpets or supplementary weft cut-loop carpets. Knotted carpets are an elegant and costly style of carpet closely associated with Kashmir and Oriental carpets and rugs.

More types of carpets are tufted carpets and hooked rugs. Tufted carpets are common around the home. Piles of carpet material are injected into a backing material which in turn is also bonded to a secondary layer of backing material. The secondary backing material is what makes tufted carpets so durable. Afghan rugs and carpets are woven in styles and techniques that are indigenous to Afghanistan. These unique carpets are made in Afghanistan or by Afghan nationals living in other countries. So, with all these types of carpets, each available in a range of styles and designs using every colour under the sun; choosing a carpet for the home is a lot of fun.

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