Bookmakers In South Africa

As a major sporting country, South Africa is world renowned for its contributions on the field.  In particular, rugby and cricket are world class events for South Africa and the country is also known for its soccer and golf.  Our major sports aside, South Africa has many players that compete in tennis, swimming, athletics, martial arts and motor sports.  With such a diverse participation in the world of sports, it comes as little surprise that South Africa also shares a diverse spectatorship.  For this reason sports betting in South Africa has become a multi-million rand industry with a number of bookmakers facilitating the demand.  While traditional bookmakers have always been present – in particular for horseracing which is the backbone of sports betting, there now exists several online bookmakers or bookies.  These websites show the changing face of sports betting as they feature betting options on a wide variety of sporting activities.  While many would expect betting on national based games, competitions and tournaments, international sports make up a considerable amount of revenue for South African bookmakers.  Sports enthusiasts in this country are just as likely to place bets on the outcome of an English Premier League match as they are a domestic PSL game.
With such a growing number of sites and dramatic revenues, government has had to draw up safe and legal measurements for online gambling through increased legislation.  This is typically assigned to regional authorities such as the Gauteng Gambling Board and the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.  It is the task of these bodies to license bookies to ensure these operations are legal and are socially as well as financially responsible.  This includes being able to guarantee pay outs to winners and to perform random checks to ensure minors are not using the websites.  All client users are required to be FICA registered by law and most websites will stipulate a policy on gambling behavior.  This typically cautions users to only bet what they can afford and to be wary of addictive gambling habits.
Some of the larger bookmakers or bookie websites based in South Africa and specializing to the South African client are:  Sportsbet, World Sports Betting, Betting World South Africa, TAB and Golden Circle.

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