Biggest And Notable Funerals Of The Famous

There have been some mighty big funerals of the famous in the last fifty years or so. Some of the most notable was being the late Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Mother Theresa. It largely depends on for who one held the greatest admiration and had the greatest sorrow at the time of their deaths. Whoever, they were all a great loss to the world.  
Some funerals of the famous had some quite bizarre happenings and some were “sent off’ with no expense spared. Anna Nicole Smith the famous model and tv star had one of the most expensive that some said was absolutely ridiculous.

In 2009 Michael Jackson’s funeral is has the record as being one of the biggest celebrity funerals ever. There was actually a ticket made available for the memorial attendance on the national lottery for a person to win in order to attend his funeral. Other tickets were auctioned off at incredible prices, all just to see the King of Pop in his final moments.

And of course one of the biggest royal funerals for the famous was that of Princess Diana. The amount of public display of grief was enormous; the sea of flowers on display although sad was beautiful. People still flock today outside Buckingham Palace to pay their respects. She was a Princess that changed the face of the English Royal Family for which they owe her a lot. It was for the first time during her funeral that the British Union Jack was flown at half mast over Buckingham Palace.

Two of the people mentioned Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson strangely enough were about to start world concert tours to make a comeback just before they died.

Mother Theresa was one of the greatest champions for the poor and down trodden. After her death she was deservedly beautified by Pope John Paul II and the title bestowed was “Blessed Theresa of Calcutta”. She was one of the few ordinary people who were given a state funeral.
There have been many other notable funerals we’ve just mentioned a few. Of course they will all be missed for what they achieved while on earth. Unfortunately there will be many more to come of great people.

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