Beware Of Scam Lotto Results

The lottery is being played around the world with each country having a unique and different system. With the growing jackpots out there to be won and the poverty stricken communities, opportunists have found a way to cheat, lie and steal all in the name of making money.

Scams are done in numerous ways and the best way to avoid a scam is to know about them. It is important to remember that one cannot win a competition or a jackpot if you did not enter any competitions. Criminals send thousands of e-mails and messages to random numbers and e-mail addresses around the world, claiming that the recipient won a large amount of money through a lucky lotto draw. These criminals then only require a small fee before releasing the money to you, unfortunately they take this money and you never hear from them again.

Key ways to spot a scam is to remember that, you cannot win any competition you did not enter for and there is no such thing as companies giving away free money.  The transfer costs and other associated fees will be deducted from the price money and there will never be expected from you to pay any form of money for the prize you have won. The best way to protect one from becoming a victim and getting caught with one of these scams is to just ignore the messages and not send money or any personal information to them.

Scam artists are not only limited to stealing from desperate people but have also found ways to cheat the national lottery system. The scam artists found ways to tamper with the lottery tickets and try to produce believable forgeries.  This is a small time scam that seldom works but of course, criminals keep trying to perfect their forgery skills. Other lotto scams also includes you winning, but before you can claim the money you must spend a ludicrous amount of money on their products and thus you didn’t really win anything.

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