Betting World South Africa

Betting World South Africa is a highly favored bookmaker by the South African betting public. They offer efficient and professional betting services on the website, at their betting outlets spread evenly throughout the country and on Betting World Mobile, a secure mobile phone betting service. Betting World South Africa also has betting outlets in neighboring countries.

Even though online betting is quickly taking over the sports betting scene, many players still do not trust internet security features or just do not have access to the internet. They prefer to place their bets in person at betting offices and with qualified agents. Betting World South Africa has 14 betting outlets in Gauteng and 24 in the Western Cape and office in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Betting World South Africa is a fully legal betting operation. The Western Cape Racing and Gaming Board issued its license. Players can enhance their sports entertainment activities without fear of legal implications. On top of the various sport that offer generous odds for eager players, one can also bet on Lotto and Powerball results. An exciting new initiative Rugby World South Africa will be launched soon and the focus for this endeavor will be to bring rugby fever to the betting world!

The betting rules are available clearly and in simple English, on the Betting World South Africa website, displayed prominently at betting outlets and can be sent to a cellular phone once a user has completed a simple registration process. It is very important for players to familiarize themselves with the rules for placing bets and claiming winnings upon making the correct outcome and getting a good result.

Betting World South Africa is everything a lover of sport, horse racing and the thrill betting needs. The level of customer care is commendable both on the website and at the betting offices. Staff are friendly and always provide accurate information, are efficient when processing claims to winnings and ensure that cash bonuses are paid correctly and without delay.

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