Betting World South Africa

Betting World claim to be South Africa’s largest online betting company, but then again so does everyone else. has been around for just over ten years and they certainly do have a lot of outlets, with over 50 branches in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.
Betting World go out of their way to make opening an account as easy as possible in fact to quote their website: “anyone with internet access can open an account. Somewhere at the bottom of the page is an age warning, which if you were not looking, you would certainly miss. Right next to this, of course, is the message telling you to gamble responsibly.
Betting world does offer an excellent service. They do not focus as many sports as some if their rivals, but the cover that they do provide is very good. The main areas of interest are horse racing (you can bet on all major races), soccer (both domestic and foreign leagues), rugby (domestic and foreign test and club rugby, and even South African varsity matches), cricket (all forms, from t20 to test cricket) and golf (all major events).
The website is well put thought out and very easy to use. They offer live results for most events and will even send updates to your phone. One has to wonder: is this a desire to improve the level of service or just them trying to get your money out of your wallet even faster.
The rate at which Betting World is growing in South Africa is indicative of how the market is responding to this relatively new concept of online betting. Betting World will definitely be snapping at the heels of fellow bookmakers: Ladbrokes and bet365, who have been in the e game for much longer. Do not be surprised to find the list of sports, which betting world offer, grow at a rapid rate. Betting world will soon be joining Tab online as another South African bookmaking company, which is challenging the dominance of British bookmakers in the South African market, which in turn is good for South Africa.

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