Betting World In South Africa

Betting World is one of a number of online bookmakers based in South Africa and catering to the South African sports enthusiast.  With the development of the internet in recent years, the multi-million rand industry of online gambling has encouraged the creation of a large number of websites.  While online casinos offer more traditional games such as poker and blackjack, the online bookie is aimed exclusively at bets based on sports.  The benefit of betting on sports is that an individual may be betting on a game of which he or she has an informed knowledge.  Betting World encourages this by providing up to the minute results and scores on live games as well as statistical information on players or teams in general.
With the enhanced information available, clients can analyze the realistic chances of teams and individuals in their respective sports.  Naturally informed betting is preferable to the random cards dealt at an online casino.  Because different sports enthusiasts typically devote their interest to selected types of sport, Betting World offers bets on a wide range of events.  Sports that are covered by their tables include cricket, soccer and rugby.  However, Betting World specializes in horseracing events which are the traditional backbone of sports betting.  They also cover in-depth options for world soccer or football, including games played outside the more popular tournaments.  Thus one can place bets on Japanese soccer in addition to the ever popular English Premier League.
Additionally, Betting World as with other online bookies requires all clients to be FICA registered.  Clients may also be assured that their bets are secured and guaranteed as Betting World is registered by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.  Following these legal requirements means that Betting World must be an advocate of responsible gambling policies.  The site does this by ensuring security checks so that minors do not play and advises against addictive gambling habits.  The site also meets with security requirements by using SSL technology to ensure financial information is recorded with the highest privacy.  This ensures confidence and reliance for the client as well as the Betting World organization.

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