Betting Systems

Bet systems or strategies are ways in which a gambler tries to increase the chances of him/her winning a bet, or changing the inherent bias held by the house into one that favours the gambler. For example, one of the more famous gambling systems is called arbitrage betting. This is when a bettor, or arber as they are better know, places a bet on all the possible outcomes of a single event using different bookmakers. The bettor would assess what odds two different bookmakers have for a certain sporting event and then place their bets with both bookmakers. Except that the arber would bet for a different outcome at each bookmaker. So at bookmaker 1 the arber would bet for a Brazil victory, while at bookmaker 2 the arber would bet for a Spain victory, as the case might be for a sports bet.

Golf in South AfricaAnother famous betting system is called the martingale betting system. This is where you make a bet in a certain game where you can win your stake back, while if you lose; you double your next bet and try again. If you lose again, then once again double your next bet. The logic behind this is pretty simple. Let’s say you start off with a R1 bet and you lose, so your next bet will be R2. You lose again so your next bet will be R4. The hope is that if you keep going you’ll eventually win and make all your money back.

Assume that your R4 bet wins. So, for your last bet you won R4, but in total you’ve lost R3, so your total gain is R1. If you won on your first bet of R1 you would have also won R1. The same goes for your second bet of R2. This strategy only gets you bigger gains if you win more than one game in a row. One must also keep in mind that in most casinos there is a maximum bet. This means that if you were to keep on doubling your bets you would eventually reach the maximum limit and so you would not be able to continue with this strategy. This type of strategy is usually used in casino and it doesn’t apply very in the case of sports betting.

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