Betting In South Africa

Betting is a major hobby in South Africa. It is huge, and I believe the majority of people in South Africa find themselves betting at least once a week. Whether they chose to risk betting on the lotto, Powerball, sporting events, poker games, amongst friends or casinos, the trill is all the same. The excitement and build up to the ultimate outcome/final results is just pure adrenalin rushing for most. And the fact that so many people in South Africa become millionaires overnight or extremely wealthy or just hit a jackpot is an even bigger attraction to many people in South Africa, a goal every one of us would like to reach, betting and actually winning big.
But logically, what are the odds? What are our chances of really hitting that jackpot, as it’s so close, but yet so far, and a huge risk to take by betting if you do not have the money to waste?
Although Betting in South Africa is a largely participated hobby, the preferred way to spend time by many it is not necessarily a good thing. There are hundreds of problem drinkers in South Africa currently, and the amount is growing daily, drastically and although there are many companies, organizations, 24/7 toll free helplines striving to cure and help these people, it’s a never ending battle and the addition is an actual illness.
The unemployment rate in South Africa is mind blowing, and I real problem we just cannot control as the population is continuously growing by the hour. And the shocking truth is that almost every single unemployed individual is still betting, taking risks with their bread and milk money, or even stolen money just to be betting, hoping, praying that one day they will too get that break and win enough money to carry them through the hard and difficult times. The truth remains is that if you cannot afford betting, you should not be betting especially in South Africa majority are struggling and to risk your little money you have by betting just for a dream that might not realize …

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