Betting in South Africa

Betting in South Africa takes place all the time. It is not just when we walk in to our favourite bookies, or place a bet online, it is happening any time we make a choice. Every time we chose one thing over another we are in fact betting that the outcome we favour will in fact be better for us as people.  

Betting, as we generally consider it, takes place at bookmakers and in casinos, more recently South Africa has been drawn into the world of online betting. South Africans love betting. Be it at the races or in the nearset casino, the thrill of placing a bet is enjoyed by  many in South Africa.  

Due to its eventful recent history, South Africa has been at the centre of many differnet kinds of betting. The political situation has led to businesspeople, both here and abroad, betting on the stability of South Africa. When a company decides to invest a large or small amount of money in South Africa, what they are really doing is betting on South Africa. Of course if they were to bet on the failure of South Africa to remain stable, this would take the form of investing in the arms industry, but betting nonetheless.

Betting in South Africa happens every day. Farmers are betting that their choice of crops will be correct; that they have chosen the best compost and fertiliser and they are betting on the weather to do what the person on the television said it would. Now that is real gambling.

South Africans love to bet, and not just in the lateral ways that have just been described. For many years most forms of betting were illegal in South Africa, but this did not slow the industry down by much. Illegal bookmakers sprung up everywhere and they were ready to take bets from everyone. The corner shop was often the venue for any illegal betting in South Africa and even though the police knew it was happening, closing them down was never really an option, because they were some of the most regular punters.

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