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Whenever you see a small or large group of people huddled around forming a circle while seated and all attention is on the ground, then you know, it’s Fafi. Fafi can also be spelled ‘fa-fi’ and referred to as mo-china. The game is also known in Italy where it is linked to their lottery and called numbers racket. If you want to bet in South Africa, the traditional way, then Fafi is the name of your game.

The game is predominantly played by the African/black woman and men, and originated with the Chinese community living in South Africa.
Would you like to know a bit more about Fafi, and how to bet in South Africa? 
Well, in South Africa a group of people, (which could be made up of friends, family, work colleagues or even strangers at times as South Africa is a friendly country and would welcome just about anyone to the game who can afford to bet) will get together and choose a number they wish to bet on by means of dream interpretation.  The African nation in South Africa have their own special systems and beliefs of how to interpret their dreams, for instance, number 7 represents a dream about robbers, and number 3 a dream about a white person, number 18 for a dream about a ship and number 26 represents a dream you had of water. 
Once all decided on their chosen number they will each place a bet on that specific number. An African lady ‘runner’ will then gather each person’s bet they placed as well as the names and chosen numbers of the players and take it to the person responsible for hosting/visiting the runner at the betting game, who is usually a Chinese person. Then after the Chinese lady/man whispers the winning number into the ‘runner’s’ ear while taking the bag from her, the runner announces the winning number to the players by means of sign language and thereafter the winner gets paid.
What an interesting, fun and not to mention informative and different way of placing a bet in South Africa.
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