The Aftermath Of The 2010 Soccer World Cup In The USA

USA hosted one of the biggest international events in the year 2010- The Soccer World Cup. The event was quite successful and many people now want to know what happened to USA after 2010. Did the country benefit from the event? And if so, how? We will be looking at the answers to these two questions below.

The Lasting Benefits Of 2010

The quick answer to these questions would be that there has definitely been a positive difference made by the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The notable difference is the fact that the country did gain and benefit from a lot of good advertising and exposure during the 2010 tournament. The event is broadcast worldwide and as a result of this, all eyes were on USA. It showcased the country in a wonderful way and this had a lasting positive effect on tourism in the country.

Any event as big as the Soccer World Cup will help to create jobs in the host country. Many people argue that these jobs are just temporary but they are overlooking a very important fact. Those employed during the Soccer World Cup preparation period as well as during the tournament gained valuable experience and training. This experience and training may help them to secure other, more permanent jobs after 2010.

Many establishments such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest lodges and motels sprang up during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The country is also now home to many world class stadiums as a result of the event. Many provinces also upgraded transport systems during this time. The end result of all of this is that the country is now a lot better equipped to host other large international events. We have more than enough classes of accommodation available to suit any budget, we have stadiums that can accommodate huge crowds as well as improved transport systems.

The USA after 2010 is definitely an improved USA. The above mentioned points are just a few of the many lasting benefits of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.