A Brief Look At Horse Betting South Africa

Horse racing has been an important part of South African culture for almost as long as horses themselves have been a part of the South African landscape and psyche in general. For the better part of the last two hundred years in fact has horse racing as well as horse betting been part and parcel of our every day way of life.

If we take a brief look at horse betting South Africa, we can see just how horse racing has traditionally been viewed by South African punters and enthusiasts alike. Horse betting is as natural to many South Africans as braai vleis or barbeque and almost all of us have at least one or two memories of either seeing a race on television, hearing one on the radio or being with our parents or grandparents on a big race day.

Horse racing is given a great deal of cultural credence in South Africa, there are certain races on the annual horse racing calendar that are seen as extremely prestigious events, not to be missed by anyone who is or wants to be anyone. These major horse racing events on the calendar are also greatly anticipated by horse race betting enthusiasts as a potential big pay day.

The Evolution Of Horse Betting In South Africa

I have very vivid memories of accompanying my grandfather to the local bookmaker, otherwise commonly known as just a bookie or in more accurate parlance, a tote. The whole idea being that you get yourself an entry ticket, mark which horses you are picking to win and then submitting your ticket before the race starts.

That there is the simple version, it is more complicated than that, you have to know a bit about the horses, the odds and so on. Fortunately today it is a little bit easier in that today we have the greatest resource of all time at our disposal, the internet. With the internet we can not only do a bit of background research into each horse but once that is done we can also place our bets online, fast, easy and convenient.

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